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shadowhawk2020 02-23-04 01:03 PM

Need best digital camera for around $250
As the title says I need the best digital camera for about $250, My wife is a visual Merchandiser at a Department store and when she makes displays she likes to take pictures of them for her scrapbook. She wants a camera that isn't to big and takes nice pictures. We obviously don't want the best because we are on a budget... Is there anything out there worth buying at that price?


Mr. Salty 02-23-04 06:06 PM

Canon's A series is great, and I would have bought one if it had a shoe for an external flash (I went with a Canon G5 instead).

You should be able to find the Canon A70 online in your price range (search on www.pricegrabber.com).

You can read a full review here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canona70/

fumanstan 02-23-04 10:17 PM

I second the A70. Got mine last month and love it.

eedoon 02-23-04 11:30 PM

I also recommend Canon Powershot series. Canon will release A75 pretty soon, so I recommend to wait for the A75 to come up.

Aside from Canon, Nikon also made a good product (check out their Coolpix 3100 and 3200). I've also tried Olympus C-5000 with a good result (although it has a slightly higher price).

BDB 02-24-04 10:11 AM

Do people not like the Canon S200 and the like?

I know they are a bit more expensive than a comparable A series canon, however they are very compact and very easy to take with you everywhere.

fumanstan 02-24-04 10:33 AM

Well he did say for 250...

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