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Old 02-12-04, 02:36 PM   #1
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How do you run a test on your video card?

I have read on several posts about people running 'tests" and "scores" on there hardware. How do you do this? Like on your Video Card and such. Here is what I have?

Antec "Sonata" 380 Tru Pwr
P4 2.8 800fsb H/T
Asus P4P800 MOBO
Corsair XMS 512 Ram Pc3200 (1x)
WD 120gig Hard Dirve 7200RPM
PowerColor ATI 9600Pro Video Card
Windows XP Pro
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Old 02-12-04, 03:55 PM   #2
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A D3D test that is commonly used is 3DMark2003, which you can get at A lot of the websites use it in their reviews even if it really isn't a great measurer of real gaming performance.

Lots of games these days have benchmark capabilities built into them. For example, if you have Quake 3 with the 1.32 patch loaded, you can type the following at the console by pressing tilde (~) to get a benchmark score:

/s_initsound 0 (to disable sound)
/timedemo 1
/demo four
This will run through the demo included and then exit back to the main menu. Pressing tilde again will show you the framerate.

Other games have their own ways of doing benchmarks. These are really the best, since they're the actual games, and not some synthetic benchmark.
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