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FiveO 02-04-04 03:20 PM

Laptop won't connect to wireless router...
Excuse the newbie question...but I'm having a problem.

I received my HP zt3000 today and also got a new Linksys G Wireless router from Amazon.com.

I went through the router set up and my wired desktop is working fine running through it.

The laptop, 3 feet away, will not find the connection. The zt3000 is supposed to have integrated G wireless but I can't get it to work.

Anyone have one of these routers or laptops? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

kmcrowl 02-04-04 04:01 PM

Have you gone to networks-connections and set up for wireless in the laptop?

FiveO 02-04-04 04:14 PM

Yeah...new connections, nothings working.

I connected directly from my cable modem to the laptop and she came right on, but this is of course a wired connection.

The wireless part isn't picking anything up.

kmcrowl 02-04-04 04:27 PM

Right click your wireless icon and make sure and unclick the no securety setting. It wont let you connect with out your permission.

FiveO 02-04-04 04:44 PM

The taskbar has two connection icons in it. They're just the small computer screens with red X's through them right now because there is no connection.

When I right click all I see is:

Open Network Connections

View Available Wireless Networks

... and there are none listed under the View part...even though I have one set up. Maybe I'm just skipping over something thats really simple.

kmcrowl 02-04-04 04:55 PM

start-programs-accessories-communications-network connections. This should show you your adapters.

Sdallnct 02-04-04 08:53 PM

All though I'm no expert, you might also disable ZoneAlarm if you are using it. Early on I had a problem with it. Once you get everything working, you can "register" you laptop in ZoneAlarm and go back to using it.

Shazam 02-04-04 11:02 PM

Try broadcasting your SSID from the router. For now, turn off all encryption on the router (WEP and WPA).

FiveO 02-04-04 11:07 PM

Thanks guys.

Just got the laptop, no Zonealarm yet.

I finally got a signal, just having problems connecting. Now I know its in the settings.

Working on it now. Appreciate the feedback.

FiveO 02-05-04 12:13 AM

Finally got it.

Its not pretty....but its connected :)

Thanks for the info.

Updating to XP Pro now and installing virus and firewall software.

Appreciate the replies.

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