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Gasspasser 02-04-04 11:29 AM

Want to start a website
Hey guys, I am looking to start my own web site. The purpose of this is to do two things:

1) Upload my pictures so the rest of my family can get ahold of them
2) Use the domain name for email ([email protected]). I will need like 4 email acounts. With webmail access (if possible)

I have heard that godaddy.com is a good place to get started and register the site. But what about hosting? If I have a high speed internet connection and wouldnt mind having a dedicated computer for hosting can I do this? Or do I need to pay someone to host my site? If I do it on my own computer can I still do the email thing and the webmail thing? Or is it just cheaper to pay someone to do this even if I have an extra cheap computer just sitting around that can host the site?

What do you guys think?


danicus007 02-04-04 12:54 PM

Godaddy.com is where I purchased my domain and seems to be quite popular. They aren't too expensive and they are easy to change domain servers if needed.

Hosting your website on your own PC isn't very hard and can save you money, but hosting your own email is a different beast. I don't know if there's a real easy way to do it, but I know it's far more trouble than hosting a website.

Dave99 02-04-04 01:31 PM

Hosting email on your home machine is more complex than a website, and getting to be a pain in the ass frankly. I've been getting more rejections from ISP's when sending email to people, simply because my IP is a dynamic IP, and they reject email from dynamic IP's. Damn people and their open relays are ruining it for the rest of us.


Doug Heffernan 02-04-04 04:45 PM

namecheap.com, they have the best deal vs. features imo. IE: free email forwarding, etc, etc...

Gasspasser 02-05-04 10:07 AM

Okay, so can I like register a domain name using godaddy or namecheap or whatever and still use them for my email? That sounds cool to me and its only going to be about 20 bucks a year. Or I could just use the free email forwarding to just forward my new cool email address to an existing free account that I have? Thats pretty good. Right?

So I would use this URL redirection to host it on my computer. Being if my computer ip was (whatever) I redirect my domain to that ip address?

If I got this right that sounds real cool. So do I have this correct?


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