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norm949 02-01-04 05:06 PM

Which webcam should I buy?
We have a baby, and I thought getting a webcam would be a nice way to let remote family see her. However, reviews on the net are a bit uneven; the best site I saw was one from a guy named Cowboy Frank , though he only looks at a few models. From what I've read, I'm leaning towards a CCD cam due to better low light performance; the two I'm considering are the Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 and the Orange Micro ibot2. The reviews on Amazon are mixed on both units, and not much turns up on Google groups either. Does anyone have experience with either or both of these units and recommend one over the other? Also if anyone knows of any good deals, that'd be appreciated too. I'm running Win XP Pro in case it matters. Thanks.

gotwavego 02-01-04 05:56 PM

I have this one:


which seems similiar to this US version with a headset/mic combo


Giantrobo 02-02-04 04:20 AM

I have this one

All Webcams give different results depending on the user's situation. Better lighting near webcam, server issues with the ISP, and many other issues. I like this cam and when you take the time to adjust it's settings it gives a great picture especially in good lighting which is always good when using any kind of camera. It comes with a mic but I'm going to buy a headset with a built in mic for comfort.

Don't be fooled by the specs....it seems no cam can do 30 frames per sec due to ISP servers. I mean they probably can if given the right resources, but most aren't. Even the new Firewire cams still have reviews saying they're slow.

The still pics on this cam are nice and it has anice clip for flat monitors and a stand for desktop.

The software is simple but the instruction booklet talks more about the software than the cam and it's setting but the seeting are simple so it' sno big deal.

It uses USB 2.0 but it's backwards compatible with 1.0 and the resolution is high.

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