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shaun3000 01-26-04 06:26 PM

Dual boot Linux on an NTFS partition?
I'm running XP on an NTFS formatted hard drive. I would like to install Linux and do a dual boot.

What is the best way to do this? I have another hard drive, also formatted with NTFS, that I could copy things to, if necessary.


Eeyore 01-26-04 08:21 PM

are you able to use the "another hard drive" to install linux on? or are you trying to install linux on the NTFS partition? i think NTFS writing is in the 2.6 kernel, but i'd still try to install linux on a native filesystem if possible (reiserfs is my favorite).

if you can't use a separate HD for linux, i'd backup your windows disk to the spare HD, repartition and format the first HD with room for an NTFS partition, then reinstall XP in that partition. after windows is up and running, then install whatever flavor of linux you want on the rest of the drive. the linux installer should set up the dual-boot.

there are some new distros that can coexist with windows on the same partition, but i haven't looked at those. i would assume they need a FAT32 partition? someone else can chime in with more info :>

if you don't have much experience with linux, have you tried using knoppix, mandrake move, or another live CD? it would let you get your bearings in linux before installing anything to hard disk.

Eeyore 01-26-04 08:24 PM

ok, trying to clarify: any modern linux distro should be able to READ NTFS just fine so you could see the windows data in linux. most cannot write to NTFS reliably yet. as far as i know, no flavor of windows can easily see linux partitions at all. it may be useful to make a small (50mb or so) FAT32 partition that can be readable/writable by both windows and linux if you plan to use both extensively.

Alvis 01-26-04 09:03 PM

I would install linux to the second hard drive, if at all possible. If you must have it co-exist with ntfs, then use something like Partition Magic to shrink the ntfs parition on one of the drives. Partition Magic will also set up the new partition for linux. To reiterate, use the second drive for linux only.

shaun3000 01-26-04 09:22 PM

OK, I figured that would be the case.

Now then, if I back up my harddrive on another, reformat in Fat32, and then copy the backup back over, everything shoudl work fine, yes? Or does Windows change things around depending on what kind of file system it's installed on?

Can I install Linux (probably Mandrake 9.2) onto a Fat32 partition? I seem to remember that being an option, but it's been a while.

Eeyore 01-27-04 01:58 AM

i would keep XP on an NTFS partition. you just need to resize it so there's room for another partition.

you could technically install linux on a fat32 partition, but i would highly recommend against it. i don't understand the technical aspects of journaling filesystems, but i've had lots of problems with FAT partitions in my life, and absolutely zero data corruption in reiserfs or ext2 filesystems.

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