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DeepBlue 01-20-04 01:04 PM

Notebook and cable modem ?
A silly question indeed.
Once I buy a notebook, how do I hook it up to my cable modem? I already have a desktop pc, a notebook will be back up thing. Theoretically, I don't really NEED Internet on it but since I am already paying for cable, I might as well hook it up :)

Dirk 01-20-04 04:50 PM

Well, I assume your notebook computer comes with a network card. ;)

I'm guessing your question is really 'how do you share your cable modem connection' - the answer to which is - either buy a router, or a hub. Most high-speed providers usually supply you with at least 2 IP addresses, so a simple hub would work - hook the hub to the cable modem, and your 2 computers to the hub.

One of the current crop of home routers gives you a bit more flexibility - you can generally share the connection with lots of computers in your house, while still only using 1 external IP address. Because of the way they translate requests from your internal machines to the outside IP, they also work as pretty effective firewalls, protecting your machines. If you're going to hook up multiple machines, it's the route I'd recommend.

Pistol Pete 01-20-04 07:07 PM

The best way to do it is to hook up a wireless router to your cable modem and get a wifi card for the notebook. You'll spend less time in front of the desktop and more time wherever you want to be.

Michael T Hudson 01-20-04 08:03 PM

Pete is right. I am on the couch right now with my iBook.

Lethal Nemesis 01-20-04 08:56 PM

Go wireless if you can, otherwise a router should do the job just fine.

Chopper 01-21-04 05:36 PM

Originally posted by Lethal Nemesis
Go wireless if you can, otherwise a router should do the job just fine.
But if you wanted to also have the connection going to other things (TiVo & PS2), you'd want a router, right?

Chrisedge 01-21-04 05:40 PM

How about a wireless router? I do both!

Pistol Pete 01-21-04 06:38 PM

Yep, any modern wireless router will work. They have 3 or 4 wired ports plus a wireless access point. You can get deals for the router + card for <$100. Sometimes <<$100.

Don't forget to enable WEP. Otherwise some drooling neanderthal will be able to use your connection to feed his kiddie porn habit. A fellow in Canada was found downloading such material in his car. He was busted because a cop saw him greasing his pole and investigated further.

costanza187 01-21-04 08:36 PM

I live on my notebook on the couch... buy a router, get a network card, (probably if its a new notebook it came with a network card in it) you should be up and running in 10 minutes.

my network is wired, I am thinking of taking the wireless plunge myself.

GMLSKIS 01-21-04 10:13 PM

Wireless - the only way to go.

In the summer I take the laptop outside and surf while in the swing under the patio while comfortable.

DeepBlue 01-23-04 01:27 PM

re: wireless router
Ok, thanks everyone for your help. I am still mildly confused :)

So, let's see if I got everyhting right. (My notebook is Compaq Presario 2590)

I will buy Microsoft MN-700 Wireless 802.11g Router ($59.84, & Wireless PC card 54g $49.96 w/ free shipping). I will hook up cable modem to a router, plug my 2 desktops to a router and notebook will be using that card, is this going to work?

Hehe, I have to say that living on the couch with a notebook sounds good costanza187 :)

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