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skiblet 01-20-04 10:45 AM

How would you like your DSL line to be 200 x faster?!!!
this is very exciting stuff. i see it is allready getting started in parts of europe. wonder if we will get this here. anyone know more about it? id sort of like to have 120 megabyte/second downloads =)


"A major international research and development program commenced in November 2003. Involving 13 global partners this three-year 5.6M research program is partially funded by the European Union's Framework 6 initiative.

As the quest to improve communications continues at an increasing pace, the need to efficiently use our airways demands more innovative approaches. The CAPANINA consortium will develop wireless and optical broadband technologies for use on High Altitude Platforms (HAPs). Typically a HAP is an airship that floats at an altitude of around 20km, well above any normal aircraft but being in the Stratosphere, substantially below orbiting satellites.

The consortium includes a mix of academic and industrial partners from across Europe and is also linked, via the Communications Research Laboratory of Japan, to a similar large Japanese government funded project.

CAPANINA will deliver low cost broadband communications services to small office and home users at data rates up to 120Mbit/s - a staggering 2000 faster than today's dial-up modems and more than 200 times faster than a typical "wired" broadband facility. Users in rural and other 'hard to reach' areas will benefit thanks to the unique wide-area, high-capacity wireless coverage provided by HAPs. Additionally, use of "smart" roof-top antennas on trains will provide the moving user with high speed internet connectivity.

Stratospheric broadband fills the gap between satellite and terrestrial wireless technologies. Furthermore, without the need to dig up roads to lay new cables it is of particular relevance to rural, suburban and moving users. Whatever a user wants to do, be it browse the internet, download a movie or song, select video on demand or use any other bandwidth hungry application, HAP broadband delivery systems will ensure more cost effective availability to all. "

Pistol Pete 01-20-04 10:48 AM

And in a related story, Jack Valenti just soiled himself.

Nefarious 01-20-04 11:44 AM

I wonder what sort of latency the signal will have.

FuzzyBallz 01-20-04 12:37 PM

As if bnet hasn't already been jammed up by those freaking 54MB south koreans d/ling porn and playing games simultaneously, you have to put in even more net jammers. Good job. Next thing you know, everybody will default back to 4400 baud 'cause the net got overloaded.

asabase 01-20-04 12:43 PM

I'd blame rip productions before bnet.

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