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Rogue588 01-18-04 01:11 AM

Why the @#$*(@&#$*(# is my computer telling me I have a CDRom installed!?!?
My computer has two DVD drives. One is a recorder, the other isn't. Yesterday, I opened up Nero to burn an mp3 CD, yet when I tried, it was making me choose an Image Recorder -- my DVD drive wasn't showing up.

So instead, I closed Nero and opened up the System Properties, went to the Device Manager and saw that my TDK DVD recorder and something called "AVX CD/DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device" was disabled. :hscratch:

Now, the TDK DVD-R I understand. But, what the hell is this AVX thing?? It just recently started showing up. I haven't opened up my computer or installed any new hardware since last October or so. I've tried uninstalling it, but everytime I uninstall it and reboot my comp, it shows back up.

It's #%&*#(&%(*# annoying me...:mad:

X 01-18-04 01:21 AM

Did you recently install Alcohol 120%?

If so, try uninstalling it and see if your drive reappears.

Ergyu 01-18-04 03:07 AM

Yeah, alcohol has done funny things to my computer too, like not allowing me to use Nero to burn cds, or not allowing me to use my dvd drive period.

Rogue588 01-18-04 03:24 AM

Ya nailed it X. Gracias señor.

And based on what Ergyu said, it's gonna stay uninstalled.

[at least until I need it again..]

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