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crazytrader 01-18-04 12:23 AM

another question...
how do you clear your cache?

Mr. Salty 01-18-04 12:28 AM

I clear mine by going to the Preferences tab in Mozilla -> Advanced -> Cache -> Clear Cache.

crazytrader 01-18-04 12:29 AM

what is mozilla?

Mr. Salty 01-18-04 12:32 AM

It's a free Web browser that is faster than Internet Explorer and has none of the security flaws of IE. www.mozilla.org

FuzzyBallz 01-18-04 12:49 AM

I like Firebird, it's a lite version of mozilla.

Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear All.

If you're still using IE (which I know a lot of people are fond of), it's like this.

Options > Internet Options > General > Delete Files (check Delete all offline content)

mapson 01-18-04 02:00 AM

I just started playing around with FB, man does it have a lot of customizations and tweaks. So far the only thing I dislike it is I am tweaking more than I surf with it! :(

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