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sureAV421 01-16-04 10:38 PM

problems dual-booting xp
I have an 80GB HD with 3 partitions(65GB to XP1, 5GB to XP2, and the rest to temporary files). The reason for the dual booting is because i want one copy of XP to only load essential files so i can play my games at optimal settings. on my 160GB i've got just data files split 4 ways(games, movies, music, etc.) Now on my I drive(which is games) i can access it only on my first boot of xp, not on the serond. it says its inaccessible. any idea how to remedy this?

Rain Man 01-19-04 01:02 AM

Have you tried running the recovery console in XP setup?

sureAV421 01-19-04 12:19 PM

it was just something screwy with the accessibilty in XP Pro. I've fixed it.

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