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Parcher 01-15-04 11:33 AM

Need to resize partition
my C drive, boot drive, has both Windows and Linux on it.

I can't figure out the linux stuff, so I wanna minimize the space it takes up without deleting it - in other words, I wanna keep the linux boot sector (it boots to lilo or that other program, forgot its name).

How do I do this?

Remember, my linux stuff is on the same HD as my Windows, meaning I can't change anything on it since I am running it.

X 01-15-04 11:48 AM

Partition Magic.

Patman 01-15-04 04:12 PM

Partition Magic doesn't like Linux, so it's YMMV.

danw 01-16-04 08:48 AM

Originally posted by Patman
Partition Magic doesn't like Linux, so it's YMMV.
It doesn't? When I used PM back in the day it supported ext2. No longer?

Patman 01-16-04 09:15 AM

I kept getting Error #108 with Partition Magic 8 when I was trying to do some partition changes to a hard drive that had a dual boot on it with Windows/Linux recently. I wound up just LLF-ing the drive and starting over.

tanman 01-17-04 02:55 AM

So is there any other program besides PM8 that will do it or is that simply the only logical choice.

Alvis 01-17-04 09:54 AM

Which distro of linux are you running?

Parcher 01-17-04 10:47 AM


Parcher 01-17-04 11:05 AM


Alvis 01-17-04 06:27 PM

Originally posted by Parcher
Well, discdrake(?) can resize partitions, though I'm not sure how well it does with ntfs.

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