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IdgIe49 01-11-04 04:45 PM

Printing thumbnails
I have fifty million pictures that I want to print as thumbnails. Then I'll burn them to CD to get them off my computer and off my Zip disks. But I cant figure out how to get them to print as thumbnails on a regular size glossy piece of paper. I have two computers. This one is XP and the other (where the Zip is connected) is 98 (which is where the printer is). I can go through the XP machine using its printer wizard thing, but it keeps asking for my printer CD (because supposedly the driver in the 98 is the wrong one so it wont find it through networking), but the CD is in my garage.

How do I print thumbnails on Windows 98 - cause it'll print (the XP is lying :) )?

danw 01-11-04 05:10 PM

I use <a href="http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshopalbum/main.html">Adobe Photoshop Album</a>. I don't know if the free "Starter Edition" will do what you want, but the full product ($50) will. It'll even archive your photos to CD for you and let you browse the little thumbnails on your computer.

IdgIe49 01-11-04 05:21 PM

thanks... it says the starter edition can Easily preview and print individual photos, picture packages, and contact sheets.

Contact sheet is the same thing.

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