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mkdevo 01-11-04 03:04 PM

HTML Question: Opening .xls links in Excel??
i have a local html file with links to other local files.

i have some links to .xls (Excel) and .doc (Word) files. when i click on the links, the files open up in IE (with the office IE plugins).. i want them to open up in their native program instead. is there any way to do this?? thanks.

Blake 01-11-04 05:55 PM

I don't think so - probably best to just have a link to the directory containing the XLS and then double click on it from there.

mkdevo 01-12-04 11:28 AM

sorry blake, that's not the answer i wanted to hear. ;)

can anyone else confirm this?

namja 01-12-04 01:30 PM

It doesn't even ask you if you want to "Open" or "Save"? If so, save it to desktop and open from there.

But ... there should be a way to "Open" in the native app. I'd hope. For your sake.

mkdevo 01-12-04 01:44 PM

yeah, it does give me the option to open or save, but unfortunately, that doesn't help, since open = IE. saving is not the solution i'm looking for either. like you said, namja, i just want it to open right up in excel...

is that too much to ask for, microsoft?? :)

Dave99 01-12-04 02:06 PM

Windows explorer -> tools -> folder options -> file types -> scroll down & click on XLS -> click advanced -> uncheck 'browse in same window'


mkdevo 01-13-04 07:18 AM

Dave - excellent! thank you!

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