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ebs0303 01-08-04 10:54 AM

Palm vs Pocket PC?
Well, I tried another thread specifically asking for advice on Palm OS vs Pocket PC for medical professionals and no one bit on it.

So I guess I want to hear peoples thoughts on uses, ease of use, practicality of Palm vs Pocket PC in general. I use a Palm now (m505 - highly DO NOT recommend, I have had many problems), so I am familiar with that, but thinking about taking the jump to Pocket PC or going with one of the new Sony Clies.

Any thoughts?

Ben732 01-08-04 11:42 AM

My GF bought me the Dell Axim X5 for the holidays and I love it. It's got the MS PPC OS and I've found there are a lot of apps on the internet, and it definately has the MS feel to it. Before this, I had a Palm III and my Axim definately kicks the palm's butt.

I also like how I can use it to access Compact Flash memory as well as wireless cards, etc.

darkside 01-08-04 06:58 PM

Depends on software availability. The new OS 5 palms are just as fast as the Pocket PC models. So just go with the handheld that has the best medical software.

sfsdfd 01-08-04 07:26 PM

I owned a Palm device for three years, and I've owned a PocketPC device for two. Based on my experience, I think the PocketPC is overpriced. The units cost considerably more and you don't get a proportional jump in value.

- David Stein

flabio 01-09-04 11:35 PM

I've been researching this alot lately as my m505 decided to stop working. From a medical standpoint, I am pleased to see that epocrates and 5 Minute Clinical / Emergency Consults are available for PocketPC now (albeit epocrates with the subscription service only). From what I can tell, the PocketPCs have really closed the gap in terms of size, price and functionality. Right now, I am deciding between the Tungsten T3 and the Dell Axim 3i - both of which are very comparable except the Axim is less expensive and has WiFi and the Palm seems to be more user-friendly and familiar to me. I still haven't decided.

stevevt 01-10-04 10:01 AM

I have a T|T3. I like it a lot. Feel free to ask me any specific questions you have.

Here's a very active forum that should give you lots of info, too.

ebs0303 01-10-04 06:41 PM

While my m505 has been OK, I cant say Ive been overly pleased with it. Im comfortable with the palm OS, which is why Ill probably buy a Palm OS PDA... but given some customer support issues I had with Palm when I was having sync trouble with my m505, I swore never to buy another Palm brand product, and Im going to stick with that. Im looking at the Sony Clie NX80V or one of the pocket PCs, probably leaning towards the Sony...

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