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tanman 01-02-04 01:59 PM

Why is my monitor blurry?!
My monitor is extremely blurry. I can't even really see what I am typing. I will have to use Opera and zoom in to read the responses.

Any ideas? I tried Degaussing the monitor, restarted the computer, and adjusted the conversion but nothing. I'm running XP on a Dell with a Dell monitor and have never had or heard of anything like this.

And not I don't need to clean the screen ;)


X 01-02-04 02:17 PM

What resolution are you running and what refresh rate? What model monitor?

Did it ever look good until you changed something or did it just suddenly become blurry on its own?

tanman 01-02-04 02:26 PM

it just suddenly became blurry. No changes. I'm not sure of the model but it is a Sony Trinitron.

I don't know what it is on right now since I can't read it but when I change it it doesn't help. I'll see if I can dig up another monitor to see if it is the comp or the monitor.

tanman 01-02-04 02:41 PM

I tried hooking up another monitor but nothing appeared onscreen. It showed the XP logon screen for a second then nothing.

tanman 01-02-04 02:58 PM

Okay that is weird. It just started working again. And it is going blurry again while I am writting this sentance. What the Heck is going on?! :(

wmunn 01-02-04 03:30 PM

the monitor is probably fixin to go out on you completely. Or it could continue to behave this way for a long time. Either way, you have secretly been longing to upgrade to a new monitor anyways..... Haven't you?

tanman 01-02-04 03:37 PM

Alright, I was able to look up the problem on dell and have found out that this is a common problem with the P991 and P992. It seems that I need a new monitor. They (forum) are saying that the monitor is waranteed for 3 years so hopefully they will send me a new one without any problems.

Anyone else have this happen or have claimed a warranty with Dell?

skiblet 01-04-04 12:22 PM

have you been drinkin? =)

tanman 01-08-04 02:01 PM

Alright. After being on hold for over four hours, total time. I finally got in touch with someone and they filled out the warranty. I got the monitor and after a few days pull it out of the box and it is a totally different monitor. The previous one was a Sony Trinitron P991 and this is a ViewSonic P95f+. So what should I do? Should I try to get another Sony or keep this one or what? Which is the better monitor? I don't want to get stuck with an inferior "warranty" monitor.

The guy kept saying yeah yeah it will be the same exact monitor and the same exact package. Obviously that was a bunch of bullplop.

fumanstan 01-08-04 02:40 PM

Is there anything nearby that might be causing some sort of magnetic interference?

AGuyNamedMike 01-08-04 02:59 PM

The Dell P991 seems to go for $140-170 and has a max resolution of 1600x1200 @ 85Hz.

The VS P95f+ seems to go for $225-270 and has an optimal resolution of 1600x1200 @ 87Hz.

With it's special high brightness features, I think the Viewsonic might be considered an upgrade. Note that I am reading this post on a Viewsonic P225fb.

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