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namrfumot 12-24-03 06:48 PM

Where can I download XP SP1A?
I'd like to download it to my hard drive so I can burn it on a cd with the rest of my XP upgrades/patches. (In case I ever re-install windows I won't have to d/l everything on my 56k modem again)

Microsoft.com will only install it directly and not let me save the file.

any ideas?

alex4bball 12-24-03 07:04 PM

If you follow the link below it will take you to the download site. The file is 125MB. This is the complete installation and will take roughly 6 hours to download over a 56k modem (Estimating from the 28.8k figure shown).

Simply look to the right and center of your screen and should find a link to download the service pack.


I assume you are running XP Home and would like the English version. If not, let me know!

Sonicflood 12-24-03 07:06 PM

Order a CD from Microsoft via this link:



Download the service pack for network installation & burn to a CD from this link:



namrfumot 12-24-03 07:49 PM

I have XP Pro? Does that matter?

Lateralus 12-24-03 10:43 PM

Originally posted by namrufmot
I have XP Pro? Does that matter?
No, it will work.

alex4bball 12-24-03 11:32 PM

Yes it will work fine, the link I provided works for both Home and Professional versions of Windows XP.

namrfumot 12-25-03 12:44 AM

Thanks guys...I've made great progress on my pc today!

alex4bball 12-27-03 09:55 PM

Sounds good. I hope everything works out for you.

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