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DigitalDuck 10-22-03 07:04 PM

CDR Drive no longer recognized...what am i doing wrong?
Okay I have two cddrives on my PC, Yahama CRW 2200E and a Pioneer DVD-R drive. Anyway recently within the past two months, my Yamaha CDR drive has stopped burning. It can read, but it has trouble burning. So I have just been using my DVD-R drive for regular burning as well.

Anyway, now I cant even see the drive on my system, just my DVD-R drive. I tried to enable the drive and windows (XP) says it cant enable the drive. I checked all the connections and everything is fine and it has power. The drive it self seems to be working ok, but it has trouble burning and now isnt even recognized by XP...time for a new drive or is there something im missing? The drive itself isnt that old, its a 20x10x40 drive, so I would still like to use it..anything im doing wrong?

X 10-22-03 07:07 PM

Are your drives jumpered as CS (cable select)? Are you using a newer 80-wire/40-pin ATA66 type cable?

DigitalDuck 10-22-03 07:36 PM

The failing drive is my master and my dvd-r drive is the slave...neither are set to cable select. Both are using the 40pin minus the center post) cable..if that is what you meant by the newer 80-wire/40-pin ATA66 type cable

X 10-22-03 08:03 PM

I recommend you change the jumpers to cable select and put them on an 80-wire high-speed cable if you have one around. All the cables have 40-pin connectors, but the newer one differs from the older, slower ones by having 80 thin wires instead of 40 fatter wires. It also has color-coded connectors.

bill_n_opus 10-23-03 12:10 PM

Whenever I hear this sort of problem I always think of IDE drivers getting corrupted.

I had something similar - devices sometimes being recognized and sometimes not - and found out that my IDE drivers either needed reinstalling or updating and that did the trick.

However, this was during my 98se days.

Check your mobo manufacturer and find out if there are any updates for the mobo and work from there. Other than that I have no other suggestions.

ClarkKentKY 10-23-03 01:16 PM

Did you recently do an install or uninstall of Roxio?


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