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Luddy 10-22-03 02:30 PM

Cheapest way to backup a 40GB HD Externally?
Whats the cheapest way to backup a 40GB HD externally?

X 10-22-03 02:32 PM

One time, periodically, or often?

Got a DVD writer?

Darren Garrison 10-22-03 02:43 PM

According to the listings at www.pricewatch.com, you can get a 40 GB external USB drive for around $80 shipped from several places. If you don't need to archive several instances of the HD, one of those seems like a pretty cheap solution.

Luddy 10-22-03 04:38 PM

One time, I have a few years of data on my current c: drive I want to backup. I probably won't access it unless my drive fails and I need a few files.

X 10-22-03 04:48 PM

Since it will be a one-time backup, I would suggest a couple of things.

If you are concerned mostly with your data you can burn it to CDs. Of course that depends on how much data you have. If you don't have a CD burner you can easily find them for $20 after rebate.

If you have a lot of data or want a disk image so you can get up and running quickly, I would suggest just buying another 40GB drive for around $30 after rebate, temporarily install it into your computer, copy your files to it (or ghost an image), remove the drive, and store it somewhere safe.

Nefarious 10-22-03 05:07 PM

Hey, X...I'm not super familiar with Ghosting an image...but approximately how much info. would end up fitting on a blank DVD using Ghost?

I know with a Cd you can get a gig or two to fit on a single cd.

I have about 400 audio cds and I ripped them all to mp3 (so over 4k mp3s). It took me forever and I'll be damned if I'd have the energy again to sit through doing all of them. I'd like to archive them in the easiest/cheapest way possible and store them in a safe deposit box. A total of about 14gb and I do have a DVD burner. I could obviously not ghost them at all and just use 3 or 4 blank dvds....but I was wondering if I could get them all on to one or two. Can you ghost just particular folders or does it have to be an entire partition?

P.S. Sorry about the thread hi-jack, Luddy. It's somewhat related and I didn't think I should start a whole new thread about it.

X 10-22-03 05:23 PM

You can't really compress mp3s. They're already compressed. If you could compress them more without degrading them it would have been done in the original conversion to mp3.

So Ghost wouldn't really do you any good. You might as well copy them to DVD just as you would any other file.

You do have to ghost an entire drive or partition, not folders. Winzip is used for folders or directories.

Nefarious 10-22-03 06:15 PM

Ok, thanks.

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