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Rain Man 10-09-03 01:14 AM

replace hard drive w/o reinstall?
Anyone ever replace their HD w/o having to reinstall Windows? I think I tried it a while ago w/ Win98, just by copying all the files, but I got bombarded with error messages, but then I didn't delete any device drivers or anything. I'm running XP currently.

D.Pham5GLTE (>60GB) 10-09-03 01:30 AM

you could probably clone the hd.

gcribbs 10-09-03 01:30 AM

I have when I bought Maxtor drives. They used to come with a floppy disc that included a software program that copied all the files from the old hard drive to the new maxtor hard drive.

They probably still include the software in their retail hard drive kits.

belboz 10-09-03 01:38 AM

Norton Ghost and various other utilties that can make an image copy will allow you to do this. It's pretty painless. However, if it's been a while since your last clean install, why not take this opportunity to do one?

DivxGuy 10-09-03 09:07 PM

Anyone ever replace their HD w/o having to reinstall Windows?
I've done it several times; I clone the drive, optionally for use with a different mainboard (which in that case, I run the Win2K or XP repair and then reinstall the service packs). The last time I used this technique was on my home theater PC, to move the hard drive over from a PIII-based solution to an AMD one. Everything worked fine, even the problematic Holo3Dgraph-I deinterlacing card (which had taken days of tweaking to originally install).


Nosmo Rex 10-10-03 11:36 AM

I did this on XP with Norton Ghost not too long ago, and it worked very well. Easier than I expected, as a matter of fact.

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