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Feneant 09-05-03 04:45 PM

How to change IRQ in Win2k
I installed an old TV tuner on my pc and I am having problems installing software for it. It is giving me a message saying that there is a DLL problem or an IRQ conflict. I checked and it's on IRQ 11 along with like 6 other things. I know W2K shares IRQ's but 10 is empty so I thought I would move it there. I looked in the settings and I notice that it does not allow me to change the resources at all even though I am logged on with administrative rights. Is there a simple way to do this? I did go in the bios and change a thing for the Irq's but it didnt do anything, the 'use automatic setting' is checked and not giving me any other choice.

Is there someway I can change IRQ on this??

btw, its a Zoltrix TV Max, if someone has the software for it, could you zip it up and mail it to me at [email protected] so I can try it.

Feneant 09-05-03 04:48 PM

Oh, and for the sharing Irq's, I disabled USB which was on it, but remaining are :
Tv Tuner
Video Card
Network Card
Scsi card

I can't really see it being able to share those 4 things easily.

X 09-05-03 05:13 PM

Check in your BIOS if it lets you reserve an IRQ for a particular slot. If not, it can get messy.

Feneant 09-05-03 06:13 PM

Ok, I found out that the card does not work in win2k although the seller said it did ... bah

Anyways, im trying to run it on win98 and everything appears like it will be working BUT , the pc has no sound card (although it might have a built in soundcard). So my question is now, can I have a soundcard emulator that acts as a soundcard but does not provide any sound? I dont even want sound, just picture, but its asking for a soundcard!

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