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Satellite internet? Can't get DSL @ new house!

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Satellite internet? Can't get DSL @ new house!

Old 08-25-03, 01:43 PM
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Satellite internet? Can't get DSL @ new house!

Okay so our new neighborhood can't get DSL service yet, or cable. Well, okay there MIGHT be a possibility of getting cable internet but it's a new development in the middle of nowhere.

We were gonna get satellite TV, so I'm wondering if it would be good to get satellite internet, also. Thoughts? is satellite internet good/bad? Expensive? What are good providers?
Old 08-25-03, 10:43 PM
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No cable or DSL? OMG, do you even get the telephone and running water?

Anyway - I'd look into more about your cable service first - look at the cost - for example, at my parents' house, they have cable TV ~80 channels and 'net for $80 a month - basic service is fine for them. The service was flaky for a while til their cable company finally figured out the problem - bad line outside that was screwing the signal, since the replacement, its been rock-solid.

On to the other option, satellite. I have not used it, but read other threads here that complained how there was a cap on downloads and frequent downtimes in bad weather - each provider is different I suppose. But for TV service, alot of people here seem to be happy wit it. Try a search for satellite internet here and satellite at the home theater and tv forum. ps have you checked www.dslreports.com for more options?
Old 08-26-03, 06:39 AM
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Same boat I am in Betho. Only viable alternative I found was sattelite internet through DirectTv. I think it was like 60.00 a month with a 500.00 setup charge. So I am staying with dial-up for now

Good luck.
Old 08-26-03, 08:03 AM
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i was looking into satellite a few months ago, but threw the idea right out the window when i saw this:

The Fair Access Policy (from DirecPC web site)

Q: Why do you have a fair Access Policy?

A: The DirecPC® Satellite system is based on a "Shared Bandwidth" system. This means that all its users share the bandwidth that is available through DirecPC. Because we have found that a small number of users (approximately 5%) were consuming a disproportionate share of the available bandwidth, it became necessary for us to ensure the integrity of our service to all our customers. In order to make the DirecPC experience good for all of our users, we have initiated the Fair Access Policy (FAP).

Q: I subscribe to the "Family Surfer Unlimited" or "Office Surfer Unlimited" plans. What does "Unlimited" mean?

A: The DirecPC Unlimited Surfer plans allow for "Unlimited Connection Time to the Internet (Subject to the Fair Access Policy)" -- NOT unlimited bandwidth usage. The current Consumer "Surfer" plans are designed to allow DirecPC users to surf the Web at high speeds as long and as often as they like.

EARTHLINK NOTE: EarthLink customers operate under the "Family Surfer Unlimited" Thresholds

Q: What triggers an FAP restriction to be activated on my account?

A: Users should be able to download a fairly large amount of data every evening without activating the FAP. The DirecPC system is not designed to handle users who require heavy downloading over extended periods of time. The DirecPC Surfer Plans are not intended to handle heavy downloading activities such as lengthy streaming videos, DVD downloads, and large files such as those typically downloaded with applications such as Napster.

Q: If the FAP is activated on my account, how long do I have to wait for it to be lifted completely?

A: Typically, FAP restrictions will be lifted within 8 to 12 hours. While customers can download prior to that time, they may experience less than optimal download speeds or be subject to additional FAP restrictions.

Q: Will logging off DirecPC's satellite network and using access through a dialup ISP remove the FAP from my account?

A: Although logging off the DirecPC's satellite network does not remove the FAP from your account, it should cause it to be lifted sooner. Leaving your computer off for 8 to12 hours will ensure that the FAP has been completely lifted from your account at the beginning of the your next Internet session.

Q: Can I receive a credit for the time I am experiencing the FAP?

A: No, the FAP is part of the "Subscriber Agreement," which all customers must agree to prior to continuing through the loading of the DirecPC software. All DirecPC consumers are governed under the same "Subscriber Agreement" without exception.

Q: Is there an FAP free service plan available?

A: No, at this time the FAP is applied to all DirecPC service plans.
Old 08-26-03, 01:05 PM
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I can't get DSL or cable broadband either. I've been told that satellite has a pretty good lag time (not good for gaming), along with the restrictions you mentioned above and the initial cost is a bit much.

Connecting at 28k...it may be slow, but at least it's free!
Old 08-27-03, 08:34 AM
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I would rather not surf at all than connect at only 28k. After upgrading to cable internet and speeds of up to 25x faster than dialup, I am willing to pay the extra $$$ for it.

Now when I hear that annoying noise the modem makes when connecting via a phoneline, I laugh and make fun of who ever is using it.
Old 08-27-03, 08:47 AM
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You don't want satellite internet. At all.

It has very high startup costs, they dish is fairly large, service drops out way more often than regular satellite TV.

The two big negatives are:

1. The latency. No way around it either. The satellite is so far away, even at the speed of light, it takes too long and there is almost half a second between when you send something and get something back. Very bad for games, but when it's this high, it's annoying while surfing too.

2. Their stupid fair access policy. Use too much bandwidth (their limits are VERY restrictive), get knocked down to 56k levels for 4 hours.
Old 08-27-03, 07:55 PM
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What kind of f'ing policy is that? If they advertise for 1.5mpbs, I want my 1.5mbps.

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