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Sheriff1825 07-10-03 01:54 AM

dell question
Can someone please fill me in on this keyboard/monitor problem thats I've been reading about in this forum about Dell laptops. Also... Im getting a laptop for college, will I be able to connect to the school's network with XP home or do i need XP Professional?(They suggest professional on dell's website) Thanks to anyone for their help.

twikoff 07-10-03 07:02 AM

i support literally thousands of dell laptop/desktop systems.. and I have no idea what keyboard/monitor problem you might be referring to

if you actually have to join a domain, you would want pro.. but most universities just have an open lan to connect to, in which case, home would be fine.

dgmayor 07-10-03 07:29 AM

I'm with twickoff. I support about 500+ Dell PC's and at least 200 Dell laptops, and out of all of those I've had to deal with one Laptop that had a faulty connection from screen to monitor (and I still think it was because the user dropped it and wouldn't tell us ;)).

Also, you want to get XP Professional, no matter what ;)

twikoff 07-10-03 07:43 AM

well, normally i would suggest xp pro regardless
but truthfully, I have no clue what the difference in price between the two is

if it is even close.. definitly go pro

4KRG 07-10-03 08:44 AM


I also have 1000's of Dells and yes there WERE some models that had pretty bad keyboard and screen problems.

Keys would falls off
Keys would fail in a diagonal line from "7il/"
Monitors would strobe and lose horizonal hold

This was fairly common on the latitude CPI 366mhz
and the latitude CPXJ and some of the first C600's

It did not affect all of them, however it was enough to be a pain. The good news is that all of the problems were fixed by Dell and replacement parts that were not defective were all installed under warranty with little hassle.

Today's model do not have these problems, and Dell still has a fantastic warranty. I would suggest on a laptop you get at least the 3 year service.

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