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IndyDVDGuru 06-19-03 09:17 AM

Hard drive Ultra Mode 5 issue
I have a Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm drive that should be capable of running at ATA-100 or Ultra Mode 5. However, when I run SiSoft's Sandra 2003 program, I see modes that vary from mode 2 to mode 4. This is after shutting down the pc and re-booting. I've yet to see mode 5.

I'm using a new ata cable. My OS is Win2K, with 512MB ram. I have verified in the system settings that the Ultra mode is selected for this drive.

What could be causing this? Why can't I ever see mode 5? The hard drive seems to be so slow.

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks! By the way, I'm using an Athlon XP 2000 chip.

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