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Decipher 06-17-03 01:53 PM

how to get into compaq's bios setup
how do you do it?

crankyman 06-17-03 02:16 PM

depending upon how old the system is, you may need to use what's called a ref (reference) diskette. a machine type would probably help out.

Decipher 06-17-03 02:20 PM

thanks for the advice crankyman....problem is the harddrive has win98 on it and contracted a virus...need to get into setup sreen so it will boot the 3.5 drive first in order to delpart the whole thing and start over...the machine was bought as a new model in '98..know of any place i can get the disk or download it on the net?

4KRG 06-17-03 03:19 PM

Compaq likes to keep the BIOS on a separate partition on the hard drive, hitting F10 just after POST and just before windows boots might get you in.

Sometimes unplugging the keyboard (or some other bios checked device, like the floppy) will cause the system to error and give you an option to go to setup

Sometimes with compaq you need the floppies and they should be downloadable here


depends on your specific model

Decipher 06-17-03 06:57 PM

great link....thanks 4KRG. in the end it was a boot sector virus (hate those)..got the problem fixed..comp is up and running again..thanks for the help everyone

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