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So this is a way to do it (Spam related)...

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So this is a way to do it (Spam related)...

Old 06-16-03, 04:38 AM
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So this is a way to do it (Spam related)...

Got this spam today - it didn't come out as HTML as was intended...interesting that they just put little comment tags between letters so it doesn't get filtered:


<p align="center">* 10<!-- excitatory -->0% Guar<!-- whop -->antee ref<!-- chorine -->und i<!-- memoir -->f n<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->ot sat<!-- nettle -->isf<!-- sale -->ied<br> * Fa<!-- squashberry -->st Pr<!-- carbohydrate -->ior<!-- shedir -->ity Ship<!-- calypso -->ping Wor<!-- greek -->ldWi<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->de<br> * Scie<!-- sausage -->nti<!-- curricula -->st Appr<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->oved <br> * Ga<!-- turban -->i<!-- beaumont -->n Mul<!-- desecrate -->tiple Inc<!-- headwall -->hes<br> * N<!-- bonaparte -->O PUM<!-- septennial -->PS ,N<!-- chaotic -->O SUR<!-- fletcher -->GERY,N<!-- blather -->O EXER<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->CISES<br> * Inc<!-- decathlon -->rea<!-- telegraph -->se Yo<!-- advocacy -->ur priv<!-- garrulous -->ates Wi<!-- clash -->dth (Girth)<br> * Pro<!-- clattery -->duce Str<!-- ak -->onger, Ro<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->ck Ha<!-- bondholder -->rd Ere<!-- canst -->ctions<br> * Helps early cumming</p> <p>Yo<!-- chest -->u'll ra<!-- swenson -->diate conf<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->idence an<!-- shill -->d suc<!-- circus -->cess when<!-- polariscope -->ever yo<!-- anti -->u en<!-- guyana -->ter a lo<!-- prohibitive -->cker room, and  ot<!-- wyatt -->her m<!-- albanian -->en wi<!-- edelweiss -->ll lo<!-- balance -->ok at yo<!-- loaves -->u with re<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->al envy. But the be<!-- hatchet -->st part is wh<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->en yo<!-- nuclide -->u rev<!-- golly -->eal  you<!-- azalea -->rself i<!-- periphery -->n al<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->l yo<!-- crocodilian -->ur glo<!-- strobe -->ry to t<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->he wom<!-- tentacle -->an i<!-- wop -->n you<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->r life. Wh<!-- yearbook -->en s<!-- dreamboat -->he s<!-- storm -->ees ho<!-- transcript -->w ma<!-- haugen -->ssive  a<!-- juvenile -->nd man<!-- liz -->ly, ho<!-- bakery -->w tru<!-- citric -->ly lo<!-- harold -->ng an<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->d har<!-- klaxon -->d yo<!-- mural -->u ar<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->e, s<!-- aspirant -->he wi<!-- aspect -->ll surr<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->ender a<!-- cosh -->nd gi<!-- fun -->ve y<!-- puzzle -->ou  ever<!-- shantung -->ything yo<!-- cotyledon -->u ha<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->ve al<!-- core -->ways wan<!-- sawdust -->ted. T<!-- bootlegger -->he fee<!-- appian -->ling o<!-- drool -->f po<!-- clio -->wer i<!-- trailside -->s sens<!-- cuddly -->ational, an<!-- babe -->d  th<!-- cole -->e s<!-- carlisle -->ex is unbel<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->ieva<!-- diode -->ble</p> <p align="center"><a href="http://www.web-vit.com/main2.php?rx=15504"><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="+1">GET  YO<!-- cursor -->UR FR<!-- woven -->EE BOT<!-- nip -->TLE O<!-- clump -->F MA<!-- sanguinary -->X-GIR<!-- %RANDOM_WORD -->TH N<!-- entry -->OW!!</font></a> </p>

Old 06-16-03, 07:16 AM
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very smart.

however, it looks like the %RANDOM_WORD call didn't output the write text...
Old 06-16-03, 09:35 AM
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Yeah, I've seen quite a few where they just make up new tags like this <!stuff>ho&lt!lingo>wdy Very annoying

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