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cartman 06-14-03 12:19 AM

Single beep when I power on. What's that code for?
What does the one beep from the computer speaker mean when you power on? I can't seem to find my manual to check just now. Thanks!

palebluedot 06-14-03 12:43 AM

In most cases it means BIOS was able to boot and post and all is well. It's when you don't hear it more more than 1 beep you know there is a problem.

Dead 06-14-03 08:56 AM

You can get a list of the codes from a number of places like http://www.pcguide.com/ts/x/sys/beep/

Before they even start really discussing the codes, they include this...

NOTE: A single beep during the boot process, usually right before the BIOS startup screen is displayed, is normal and does not indicate a failure as long as the boot continues on.

cartman 06-14-03 03:48 PM

<.slaps self on forehead>

Yeah... If we could all just forget I ever asked this question, I'd feel a little less idiotic about now... We all have brain freezes, right?

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