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SpacemanSpiff 06-12-03 09:23 PM

Digital Camcorder Recommendations?
Hi guys, for about 2 weeks trying to decide on a camera.

I have narrowed it down to the Canon ZR 60 or the Samsung SC-D86 or the JVC GR-D70
i want to buy the Sony TRV 22 but i cant really afford the price.

because these are my options

I need to have:

-analog to digital conversion so i can put my old 8mm tapes on DV
- a price less than $400 (more or less)
- the charger should be able to work in other countries (though not a requirement, cause I could get a transformer if needed)

i dont need:
-a digital camera type of functionality
-any special features and such since im just going to be doing point and shoot

can you guys help me out? this is basically what i need tho I am willing to look at other cameras if necessary


also, i bought the ZR 60 to test out from circuit city, since they have a very liberal return policy, as all the reviews say the low light is horrible, its alittle bit worse than my old old sony TR 70 which is starting to break down (prob bought in 94).

I havent got a chance to try it in the day yet, but im sure it will be good because in well lighted areas it looked good. I dont know tho..

i dont think I will keep it because of that

ANDREMIKE 06-13-03 07:54 AM

If your other camera is going to break down then maybe you shuld think about getting a DIGITAL 8 camera so you can still play them when it does...

danw 06-13-03 08:45 AM

After my bad experiences with JVC's customer service with my camcorder, I can't recommend them.

SpacemanSpiff 06-13-03 04:24 PM

ANDREMIKE: digital 8 maybe a option tho it is very expensive for similar feautes to a dv cam and is alot bigger

danw: which model did you have? and what happened?

ANDREMIKE 06-13-03 04:59 PM

If your comparing SONY's camera's the Digital 8 camcorders are cheaper then DV....


YOu can probably find them cheaper then those prices...

SpacemanSpiff 06-13-03 07:06 PM

thats true, they are cheaper somewhat

danw 06-14-03 03:20 PM

I have a GR-DVM90u (I think that's the model #) miniDV camera. The play/exposure compensation button stopped working while it was in warranty. I called JVC's CS to find out how to fix it. I told the rep the problem and she said I voided the warranty. "How," I asked. I was obviously using it in a manner it wasn't supposed to be used in. I told the same story to her manager who agreed with her assesment--it wouldn't have broken if I wasn't using it improperly. I tried calling a few more times and always received the same response. I finally asked about paying to have it replaced--that wasn't an option because the camcorder was still ... in warranty.

I tried calling once after the warranty expired about the problem, again offering to pay to fix it. That rep told me they no longer serviced that model--it's too old.

Perhaps I should have just bought the extended warranty from Circuit City when I bought it.

SpacemanSpiff 06-14-03 03:54 PM

woah that sucks!

as far as the model itself, what did you think of the low light recording?

i assume u mean the jvc grd 90

danw 06-16-03 07:54 AM

I can't find it listed on the JVC site, but I'm pretty sure the model is GR-DVM-90u. It's an older version of the GR-DVM-96u.

Low light was acceptable. It was much better than some of the others I looked at--especially better than Sony's comparable model, which surprised me. However, it was significantly more noisy than normal daylight shooting.

Also, I don't know if you're aware of this, but "low light" shooting means "indoors" not dark. Therefore, low light capabilities should be quite important to most camcorder buyers.

SpacemanSpiff 06-16-03 09:45 AM

is this it?

danw 06-16-03 09:50 AM

No, it's this one.

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