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REL77 06-12-03 01:29 PM

Antec Power Supply and How hard to swap out?
I have an Antec 1080 FIle Server case, and recently, I have noticed that when I power off my comp, I hear ths real high pitched noise coming from the PC when its off. Its coming from the back of the power supply. It was not there when it first started, and it rather annoying. I want to get a new Antec power supply, and need to know what, if anything, will happen if I swap out a new Antec Power supply into my case. Will I have to reset/reformat anything, or is it just screwing and plugging in stuff? Is this something a novice when it comes to Power supplies can do???

X 06-12-03 01:52 PM

Should just be a unscrew and remove all the connectors then do the opposite type thing. No reformatting or anything else.

Barney1234 06-12-03 03:11 PM

Usually 4 screws, it all depends on your case.

If it's a typical case, access the screws from the rear of the computer, usually on the outside perimeter of the fan.
Very easy.

Music 06-12-03 03:29 PM

Just be careful not to touch (or let the screwdriver touch) the inside of the power supply... it packs quite a kick, even unplugged. :)

Eeyore 06-12-03 06:11 PM

get a can of compressed air and blast the heck out of the power supply (and open the case and blast everything else too). you've probably just got a fan full of dust.

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