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homerun31 06-09-03 07:35 PM

Help! Another question; I need help w/digital camcorder; firewire card help!!
Hi, I woul like to be ale to edit movies with this camcorder: http://www.bestbuy.com/Detail.asp?m=...at=&e=11205188

It says that it comes with the PC cable but I was reading something about a firewire card? I have Windows 98 SE and I need to know if I need anything else to send the info to the computer (I alreday have the editing software) Thanks a bunch.

homerun31 06-09-03 07:42 PM


Numanoid 06-09-03 07:44 PM

A firewire card and a cable will be all you need, since you already have the software.

You might want to ask in the Computer Forum, you'll probably get more detailed answers there.

homerun31 06-09-03 07:45 PM

but do I need those, because it says that it comes with teh pc cable, and if I have the cable then do i NEED the card?

Numanoid 06-09-03 07:55 PM

Does your PC have USB and/or Firewire ports? If so, then you probably don't need a card. I've never used USB for video transfer. It should work, but firewire is much faster.

Also, you'll probably want to upgrade from 98. Not really designed for heavy duty multimedia apps like that (not sure if it even supports firewire).

karnblack 06-09-03 11:42 PM

It doesn't include a firewire cable which you'll need if you want to edit video. Most camcorders transfer digital still photos over USB, but not digital video. Even if this camcorder does transfer video over USB you're really going to want firewire for the speed unless it has USB 2.0 and your PC has USB 2.0.

If your PC doesn't have a firewire port you can buy a bundle with the card, cable and video editing software for around $50.

danw 06-10-03 07:57 AM

As has been stated, you should upgrade to W2k or XP. The 4GB file limit in 98 will really suck when you figure out that that means the largest video file you can have is about 20 minutes long.

Jepthah 06-10-03 12:47 PM

Not to mention that 98 taking a dump all over you by crashing when you're in the middle of some critical editing will get annoying. It's not stable enough for heavy multimedia lifting.

Nosmo Rex 06-10-03 03:15 PM

I don't claim a significant amount of expertise here, but I can say that I've done it. I agree with the others here in that you'll find working in Windows XP and using a firewire card to be a more stable and productive experience. You'll also need a big, fast HD to do the video capture/download. My ATA100 drives work just fine in that regard.

karnblack 06-10-03 05:30 PM

A couple of other helpful hints:

1. Capture to a seperate hard disk dedicated to video ie. no applications installed on drive.

2. Defrag the capture disk often. I usually defrag once before capture and once immediately after capture.

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