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Alvis 06-08-03 08:00 AM

Can I back up my neighbor's computer via FTP?
My next door neighbor has been having some computer problems and I think they need a fresh install of Windows. However, they don't have a cd burner. I would hate to think how many floppy discs it would take to back up their data. Would it be possible for me to ftp into their computer from mine and back up their files that way? We both have broadband. I am running Windows XP and they have Windows ME. What settings , if any, would I need to change on my computer or theirs? Also, I am going through a Linksys router, if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any help.

Dave99 06-08-03 11:50 AM

It would be far quicker to just take your pc over to his place, hook them up on a network and do it that way.


TheKobra 06-08-03 12:18 PM

Why not us Ghost?

lordzeppelin 06-08-03 01:23 PM

How about just showing the guy the office max ad with a 52x burner for $30, suggesting he buy it, and then use that to backup...

Or introduce him to newegg.com...lol

gcribbs 06-08-03 11:58 PM

or have them buy a new hard drive and use that as your primary hard drive. use the old hard drive as your secondary and move the data over as they need it.

goLUCKY 06-09-03 10:37 AM

I would take out his Hard Drive, add it to my system as a slave drive and back it up!

Then I would suggest that he invest in a cd burner for backup purposes.

poochie 06-09-03 10:49 AM

an easier way is to map a drive to your neighbor's computer. You'd just need his IP address and login & password.

Do right click on "My Computer" on your PC and choose Map network drive.
The map to his C drive would be something like:

I don't know if WinME defaults to share the drives like Win2K. You may need to share it first. It's probably an option if you right click on the drive letter in "My Computer" or in the drive's property.

If you cannot find the way to share drive in WinME, you can do it the other way around and map to your computer from his.

As long as you login as admin, you'll have full access.

To FTP, you need to have FTP server running first on one of the PCs..

bill_n_opus 06-09-03 03:40 PM

Another option not mentioned , although not necessarily the best, is to use Partition Magic (assuming that s/he has enough hard drive room) create another partition and move the critical data there. Reinstall the OS in the OS partition and you should be able to retrieve the data off the Data Part.

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