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zuffy 06-06-03 09:20 PM

Par 2.0
I've just discovered this new version, PAR 2.0. After reading the differences between version 1.0 and 2.0, what a huge improvement over the previous version. There was at least 10 corrupted rar files and I was able to recover the whole rar set by downloading a large enough PAR2 file using QuickPar.

Here are the differences:

RolloTomasi 06-06-03 11:41 PM

I've always been amazed by PAR technology - it's like magic. How can it reconstruct ANY missing file from a set?

Xanager 06-07-03 01:20 AM

cool. Thanks for the info zuffy.

Blake 06-07-03 02:17 AM

Yeah - just ran into a PAR2 file yesterday and loved it. Worked out nicely.



duz 06-07-03 02:46 AM

par v2 uses an improved formula. instead of being file based it splits all the data into even blocks so that if a little section is missing or corrupt you can dl enough pars to fix that section instead of a par the size of the largest file.

smokedragon 06-07-03 03:27 AM

I am still in awe when it comes to pars.

Damn, but i still cannot believe that you can fix a .rar file .

Like RolloTomasi says it's like magic.

das Monkey 06-07-03 02:57 PM

It's not magic. :) In fact, it's a very straight-forward concept. The concept of parity is used in everything of any significance. It only makes sense that we use it for rars.

I remember back when the first PAR creation/recovery tool came out, it was painfully slow, so I wrote my own that was about twice as fast. It only took a couple of days. I was in the process of prettying it up for release when things like SmartPAR and FSRaid started coming out, and they were better than what I had done, so I just dropped it.

Anyway, it's pretty basic stuff. The concept of parity is simple, and the math isn't bad either; writing an application that can create and recover them FAST is the difficult part.


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