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ENDContra 06-05-03 02:03 AM

What hardware do I need to record TV/burn DVDs?
Im looking to buy or build a new computer. One thing I would like to be able to do is, rather than record something I want to save on VHS, record it to my computer and then burn it to DVD. I know that I would obviously need a DVD burner and a TV tuner/capture card and a lot of HD space, but I need to know the specifics. What kind of processor, how much RAM, what kind of tuner card could capture realtime with little to no frame drops, what speed DVD burner, etc. How much HD space would I need in order to capture a 3 hour football game? I would also want to be able to possibly edit said 3 hour game (such as to delete commercials). Would I be able to pull this off without spending $2000?

cubanx 06-05-03 04:48 AM

Most people that are recording TV shows are doing it on a TIVO unit and networking TIVO to thier PC to burn on DVD.

ENDContra 06-05-03 10:22 PM

Interesting idea Ill also need to look into

D.Pham4GLTE (>60GB) 06-05-03 11:20 PM

well, i remember that there was a 2gb file size limit for captures on my old tv capture card a few years back. i don't know if that's changed since then

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