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hotaru_san 06-04-03 07:51 PM

Windows XP Strange boxes and system errors?
Here's some pictures of the problem...

the strange squares and discoloration pops up from the start up of the system. Infact it looks like a strange Donkey Kong stage when it goes through the systems specs and all. It couldn't have been the monitor since it was tried on another system (this one) and worked perfectly by simply plugging it into it.

The set up. XP was installed and no big updates have been placed in (service pack 2, etc.) all the driver updates for the video card, soundcard and other hardware was placed in it. It was shipped from L.A. to Florida through UPS and this is the way it showed up. It worked before the shipping. Could these squares be from shipping? Is it a hardware malfunction? setting of some sort? Main question.. what's the squares that are on screen and whats up with all the strange images? It works through safe mode. the only thing added was the acrobat reader and it wouldn't accept the monitor CD because the monitor didn't have enough depth?? So now I'm not able to change the resolution of the desktop at all. Any help would be great.




Cut and paste this last picture to see it.

the top one is a picture of the desk top. Tell me what you can if you will. many thanks.

zuffy 06-04-03 07:57 PM

If you know how, open up the computer case and reseat the video card. The video card is probably loose from the shipping.

X 06-04-03 07:58 PM

Sounds like something got loose in shipping.

You should open up the computer (turn it off first), pull out each card, especially the video card, and put them solidly back in, one at a time. You should also take out the memory modules and put them back in.

[Edit: Yeah, what zuffy said. But do all the cards and the RAM too.]

hotaru_san 06-04-03 08:05 PM

Would a hardware being loose explain the squares on screen? I would have figured that if the videocard Nvidia card wouldn't operator at all if it was loose?

thanks and will try it.

zuffy 06-04-03 08:08 PM

yes, a partially loose video card can still work.

hotaru_san 06-04-03 08:38 PM

Took out video card and put it back in. it seemed like the systems spec screen came back a little better, but still no dice at a clean image. and the error message pops up. The only thing I installed was the acrobat reader. So I'll try uninstalling that, but it still doesn't fix the video card issues. Could the video card be shot and I would need to buy a new one?

X 06-04-03 08:45 PM

Did you remove all the cards and reinsert? And the RAM?

zuffy 06-04-03 08:47 PM

You might want to try X's suggestion now. That first screenshot indicates a hardware problem..

hotaru_san 06-04-03 09:24 PM

Removed all the cards and the ram put them back in. Locked them down and the video is still a bit off. Like in the first image.. now it also does this as a "clearer" version of it..





cut and paste this last one. it's bigger then what I could upload on forumisdown

X 06-04-03 09:45 PM

Yeah, that flashing banner saying "The bible says don't steal bandwidth" is a sure sign of video problems! ;)

This is the kind of stuff you used to see when the memory on a video card went bad. Can you try out another video card?

hotaru_san 06-04-03 10:09 PM

Do you think it could be the ram on the video card? It's a fairly new video card G-force 3 with 128mb ram. Do you think replacing the video card itself would fix this problem? I have no access to another video card right now.

Could it be the system ram at all?

I have pushed the video card as far into the mother board as far as it can go. It clears up some in some cases and in others it doesn't.

Running safe mode seems to be the only way to view xp as the other method of start up seems to just end up in a black screen with the bocks in it.

gcribbs 06-05-03 01:07 AM

have you tried uninstalling the video card driver and going back to a vga driver then rebooting and reinstalling a fresh download of the correct video driver for your card.

Maybe the video card being partially out caused some issues that ended up corrupting your driver.

I know it might be a long shot but why not try it.

hotaru_san 06-05-03 01:52 AM

Under safe mode, It loads up I blew out the drivers and it finally loaded up as normal. still with the blocky images all over the place. I reinstalled the drivers and it was a no go unless i went through safe mode to get into windows. this sucks. Can Video Card ram die out so fast? was it a case of being shaken around in shipping even with enough shipping peanuts to make an elephant happy?

Dirk 06-05-03 01:25 PM

Yep.... it can go that quickly. I had a geForce2 card years ago that just up & died one day - did stuff similar to what you're seeing.

Any chance you can borrow a card from someone else & try it, or even go to a used computer shop & buy an el-cheapo $10 card or something for testing?

hotaru_san 06-05-03 11:36 PM

Picked up a new card. pretty much same model at a lower price. Figure what the hell. it was the video card and yup, it went out just like that and was spitting out checkers. Oh well. thanks for all the great help folks.

X 06-05-03 11:40 PM

Thanks for letting us know! It always helps to have one more point of reference.

zuffy 06-05-03 11:45 PM

A chick fixing her own computer :thumbsup: :D

X 06-06-03 12:05 AM

Originally posted by zuffy
A chick fixing her own computer :thumbsup: :D
I have a feeling that isn't exactly the way it was. ;)

crankyman 06-09-03 03:17 PM

would you rather have jack working on it??

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