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shaun3000 06-04-03 05:51 PM

Speakers buzz when CD-ROM spins on new computer...
My brother got a new computer for his birthday, yesterday. It works great, but with one hitch. Whenever his DVD-ROM drive spins, it makes the speakers buzz. The faster it spins, the higher pitch the buzz is. It doesn't do ths on the CD burner, only the DVD-ROM. It does it with digital output enabled for the drive. If I mute CD audio, then the buzzing quits.

Anyone have an idea as to why it's doing this?

shaun3000 06-10-03 08:50 PM


ngp 06-11-03 06:23 AM

I had this happen to me. I noticed that I had the speakers plugged into the Sound Out port instead of the Speaker port...don't know if that helps...good luck!

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