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Giles 06-03-03 12:43 PM

Encrypted audio CD's
I found an import Coldplay CD-single yesterday at Border's that has a live version of "In My Place" and an acoustic version of "Yellow" that I was going to add to a CD-R I was going to burn. Well, only once could I get it to play and it skipped massively. I tried to copy it but the D drive couldn't find the tracks to point and drag for burning to a blank CD. I remember reading awhile back that a few companies started to encode (somehow) CD's so that one, computers couldn't read them and two, rendering them uncopyable. In this instance did I stumble across such a disc?

X 06-03-03 12:57 PM

Maybe. You could always try the pen trick just to find out.

But you should erase the ink afterwards, I wouldn't want to encourage violation of copy protection or anything.

Giles 06-03-03 01:13 PM

how does that work?

X 06-03-03 01:17 PM

You might want to look it up. I believe it is drawing a ring around the outside of the CD to cover up the "data" that makes the computer think it's a data CD instead of a music one. How far in, I don't know. I guess until it works.

Since CDs are written from the inside to the outside you wouldn't be covering up any music unless the thing was cram-packed, like 74+ minutes.

narcissist 06-03-03 02:45 PM

Some of my recent CD purchases had the same problem. X is right, just make a few single-layers around the outer edge. Remember to use a felt-tip pen though.

Since this borders on copyright infringement, I'll stop my tutorial here.

zuffy 06-03-03 03:05 PM

Wow that sucks. I wonder how this will affect my NetMD if I come across an encypted audio CD.

shaun3000 06-03-03 04:24 PM

No, it doesn't border on copyright infringement. The labels are violating the specifcations for audio CDs (Red Book) and are using deceptive trade practices; the music discs they are selling are not CDs, which they say they are. A CD can be played in any CD player, CD-ROM, etc. with no problem. By keeping it from playing in certain players, they are violating the Red Book spec.

You're just fixing it.

duz 06-03-03 10:58 PM

It violates the DMCA since you're circumventing copy protection. The felttip marker is also now illegal since its a circumvention device.

shaun3000 06-04-03 12:04 AM

But the copyright protection violates laws because they market the audio discs as CDs, which they are not.

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