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vasb 05-31-03 09:50 PM

E-mail question
My email account is through my college. When I am on their network I have no problem sending/receiving mail through outlook, but from home I can't seem to send mail through the dial up connection. I receive mail no problem, but can't send anything. I anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate whatever help you can offer.

Thanks in advance.

WhattheFFF 05-31-03 10:33 PM

It could be two things, either your school won't let you use their mail server to send mail when you are off of their network, or more likely is that the ISP you are connected through blocks port 25 meaning that when you are connected through them you have to use their mail server to send. Either way just configure your mail client to use the mail server for the ISP you are connected through.

vasb 06-01-03 11:03 PM

Thank you very much, changing my mail server worked and I can now send mail without a problem.

WhattheFFF 06-01-03 11:41 PM

no problem

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