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AndyCapps 05-30-03 11:16 AM

Any Experience with Biometric Hand Scanners?
I'm looking for a hand scanner to use as a timecard replacement. So far I've seen all-in-one units, but I'm looking for an external one to interface with a PC. Anyone know of such an animal?

Numanoid 05-30-03 05:47 PM

Not sure if you regard these as stand-alone or not, as they do connect to a PC. You may want to look into thumbprint scanners as a cheaper alternative.



Giantrobo 05-30-03 05:51 PM

Yes. We have one at work but I rarely see people use it. <b>However, I'm not sure if it interfaces with a PC to be honest</b>

I thought it was an Engineering Dept JOKE because they were only placed on their dept doors. But one day a co-worker who's in the "Bio-Sysem" showed me it was real by using it.

jfoobar 06-02-03 11:59 PM

I evaluated a couple of models of thumbprint scanners a couple of years ago that did interface with PCs because they were designed to be used in conjunction with a password to access the system itself.

Both had false positive rates that were far too high for us to consider at the time. Then again, that was 2 years ago.

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