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Sominex 05-30-03 09:54 AM

Looking for good web hosting service fast
My friend needs a web hosting service and soon.

She would like web mail interface, 4 or 5 email accounts, and some shopping and e-commerce features.

She has found many for around $10 - $11/ month (or less)

We are looking for one with 24/7 GREAT customer service

Can anyone recommend any from personal experience? We want one where we can call immediately with ANY problems, and not have to wait 24 hours first. Feature Price was such a HORRIBLE service!


Sominex 05-31-03 12:12 PM

No one has any advice?

toq 05-31-03 01:44 PM

Besides great service and perhaps the e-commerce features, you aren't very specific about your friend's requirements such as storage space and traffic transfer limit. This may make it hard for folks to make a suitable recommendation. I could make a few suggestions as you've requested but they wouldn't come from personal experience though.

Your best bet might be to check out WebHostingTalk which is completely dedicated to many facets of webhosting. In your case, you might want to check out their Shared Webhosting Special Offers forum to see if anything interests your friend. If not, post your specific requirements in their Web Hosting Requests forum where web hosts can reply with plans that meet your need. Sometimes, web hosts are willing to offer special prices or plans to get your business. When you've narrowed down your list to a few choices, perform a search or post your list of candidates in the Web Hosting Forum asking for feedback regarding your possible choices.

Those forums are very helpful even if you don't post since many people are willing to provide feedback and post their personal experiences with other web hosts. I hope this helped a little and good luck in your search for a web host. :)

the aftermath 05-31-03 02:55 PM

Liquidweb.com is good.

kantonburg 05-31-03 04:59 PM

I 2nd webhostingtalk.com for a resource but I recommend http://8-95.com

They are a spinoff of http://www.dixiesys.com

Very reliable and popular service. Oh and I just noticed till tommorrow they have a special going on.

From May 15 until June 1st
when you signup you can either double what you see here
(twice the space, twice the bandwidth, twice the emails)
or you can elect to host TWO web sites!

Trigger 05-31-03 05:03 PM

Not the best in the world, but uber-cheap - www.onestop.net

WhattheFFF 05-31-03 07:14 PM

I use http://www.hasweb.com/ They only offer e-mail support but I only paid $20 for the year & it's pretty full featured

Just wanted to ad that I had a minor problem with my site I e-mailed them after 11PM on sat., I got a response within a couple hours

jfoobar 06-02-03 11:56 PM

I use www.esosoft.com and am very happy with them. However, they do not offer webmail at the moment.

kefrank 06-04-03 12:55 PM

i use iPowerWeb (www.ipowerweb.com). they are very good and reasonably priced.

GT3NE1 06-04-03 03:38 PM

I love phpwebhosting. It rules and is very fast.


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