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kantonburg 05-29-03 07:31 PM

HP d135 owners please help
For the love of me my d135 will not print using the photosmart program. It'll print everything else fine but crashes when trying to print a photo. I've installed and uninstalled the software a dozen times now and now it won't even install the Photosmart Software once I reinstall it. This is on a fresh install too of Win2k Pro.

Has anyone else run into this? I can't get the hp officejet d series out of my add/remove programs menu. I tried using the .bat file from the CD to uninstall it and checked the web.

I'm out of ideas so I turn to you guy. Help.

Mad Dawg 05-30-03 12:35 AM

kantonburg, sometimes HP all-in-ones leave registry entries even after a thorough uninstall. HP has a utility to make sure that they are wiped clean that you might want to try first.

Here it is.

Hopefully a clean uninstall and reinstall will fix it.

EDIT: After rereading, I guess you aren't trying to uninstall the entire AiO, just the PS software. If that's the case, I wouldn't know what to do. Sorry if this hasn't helped.

kantonburg 05-30-03 02:41 PM

Well after 3 hours last night I've given up. I'm going to do a fresh install. The only thing I can figure is the HP software requires SP2 to be installed and I installed the software before updating the service pack. I'll update first this time and see what happens.


I'll try the registry cleaner first though. Thanks

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