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Coral 05-24-03 01:55 PM

Battery Benchmark Utility?
Looking for a benchmark utility that will measure the battery life of notebooks.

I'm evaluation a few notebooks and would like find out the true battery life of each notebook.

Actually working on the notebook to measure battery life is inaccurate because different things are done on each notebook that may take more/less of the battery - so a benchmark utility would offer identical tests on each machine.

Any freeware/shareware utility like this available?

Coral 05-29-03 07:48 AM


Thespian68 05-29-03 11:05 AM

Originally posted by Coral
I believe the PC Mag WinBench tests include a Battery WinMark test that simulates battery life under a few conditions. PC Mag usually runs this test on any laptop they review. You can download many of the PC Mag benchmark modules, but I believe the Battery WinMark is only available on the CD version of the product, which PC Mag sells (CD has all the tests) for about $10 if I remember.

Hope this helps.

Coral 05-29-03 07:18 PM


thanks for the response.

I'll definitely check it out... much appreciated.

Thespian68 05-29-03 08:56 PM

From one Canuck to another- Youre welcome !

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