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matome 05-23-03 10:22 PM

How do I boot into "Real DOS mode" on a Win2000 machine?
I'm trying to install a firmware upgrade on my laptop DVD-ROM which is running Windows 2000. The instructions tell me to boot into "Real DOS mode" to run the executable. How is this done with Win2K? I tried hitting F8 and then selected "Safe Mode with command prompt", but it still looked like fake DOS in Windows (especially since I had to still log in, LOL) and the upgrade didn't work.

X 05-23-03 10:26 PM

Create a boot floppy with DOS on it and run the upgrade from the floppy. If you have a FAT32 partition it's safer to copy the upgrade files to it and run from there, but if you only have NTFS you're kind of stuck running from the floppy. You could do it from a CD-ROM, but that gets much more complicated.

Make sure you have a good floppy!

matome 05-23-03 10:33 PM

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give that a shot!

matome 05-23-03 10:47 PM

Worked like a charm! I did have NTFS so I just threw the update onto an old Win98 startup floppy and ran it from there. Thanks as always, X!

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