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Fan 05-23-03 04:34 PM

Can you help? (Critical Updates won't Install)
Can you help? (Critical Updates won't Install)

I went to Windows Updates and have tried to install the 3 Critical Updates. But I keep getting the following:

No Updates Were Installed

The following items failed to install. To try installing them again, click Review and install updates, and then click Install Now again.

Q329441: Critical Update
810577: Security Update
331953: Security Update (Windows XP)
I have done the following:
[list=1][*]Disabled all optional programs from my msconfig[*]Defragged the hard drive[/list=1]

I am also on a DSL high speed connection too.

Eplicon 05-23-03 05:08 PM

See if this does the trick:


Fan 05-23-03 09:58 PM

I tried the dos command and it cleared the catalog - - but still no luck. :(

I also have 4 other PC's that failed too, while the remaining did okay.

palebluedot 05-24-03 10:58 AM

You try doing them one at a time?

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