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conkie 05-23-03 12:46 AM

Streaming Video
Any body know what i would need to stream video. Personal use only, i have cable internet and windows xp pro. Can be Winamp, Real or Windows Media player format, funny thing shoutcast doesn't seem to work.

jrobinson 05-23-03 01:30 AM

live or a file?

conkie 05-23-03 02:59 PM

Mostly interested in streaming AVI Files off my computer over the internet to another location where i can watch them. Maybe live someday but as of yet i do not have a Video Capture Card.

X 05-23-03 03:08 PM

Check this out:


JM 05-23-03 08:09 PM

AFAIK, AVI is not a format suitable for streaming.

You can use Windows Media Encoder to stream WMV (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/win...r/default.aspx). WME will encode to WMV and stream all in one go. If you are wanting to stream files that are already in the MPEG-1/-2/-4/DivX format, try using VideoLan to stream these files (http://www.videolan.org). These are the cheapest (i.e. free) solutions that I know.

Note: WME will support up to 5 users. If you need more than that, you will have to use Windows Media Services, which is only available as part of the Windows 2003 Server family of OSes. (BTW, the link X posted is actually referring to an older version of WMS that is similarly available only on Win2k Server).

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