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My new Hard drive is failing!

Old 05-22-03, 05:25 PM
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My new Hard drive is failing!

I got a 80 GB Maxtor from staples barely a month ago, and data keeps getting corrupted.

Before I try to return the drive, what else could cause this?

I ghosted over the contents of my old drive. It worked really well, and win XP didn't notice the change/make me reregister.

Would that cause errors?

What about heat? What does an excessively hot HD do?
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Old 05-22-03, 05:47 PM
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Re: My new Hard drive is failing!

Originally posted by RoQuEr
What about heat? What does an excessively hot HD do?
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Old 05-23-03, 02:53 AM
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are you overclocking?

If so this can cause data corruption.

a cpu going bad can cause data corruption.

a cpu running too hot can cause data corruption.

a virus can cause data corruption.

what motherboard do you have? How is the hard drive installed(on an ide channel or on a raid controller) The more information you give the more likely someone might be able to tell you if there could be another reason for the hard drive to be corrupting data.

heat can cause the hard drive to fail as X said.
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Old 05-23-03, 11:01 AM
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When does the corruption occur? After a computer crash? During normal operation?

What file system are you using? NTFS / fat32? What does the corruption do? Does it make the whole partition (or the whole drive even) appear as unformatted, or do you notice problems in certain documents?

Give some more information, and we'll help.

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Old 05-24-03, 06:51 PM
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thanks for the help.

I am running the HD as the primary master on and IDE channel. I have RAID as well, and would like to run the drives on a NON RAID array, just to take advantage of the raids faster speed (ATA 133 vs 100), but thats a different issue.

The HD is fat32 and is booting win XP pro.

No overclocking.

Computer seemed alright for a week or 2, then 1 time I started up the PC, and it ran chkdisk before booting, and it found many "unrecoverable clusters" in various parts of the drive. A few programs stopped working, including norton antivirus and the heat monitors, but most were allright.
Then last week, the same thing happened but worse. Chkdisk found "bad sectors" all over the place, so many that they wouldn't all fit on one screen. Many of them were in the windows folders as well. Now when I boot up,
C:\windows\system\nwiz.exe pop up as a dos shell, but does nothing, as does \program files\microsoft\mouse\point32.exe, as does the new hardware wizard, and a 16 bit MS-Dos subsystem warning about failed Dll installs for Virtual Device Drivers.

Any other way I can help?

Luckily, Maxtor has a 1 year warranty, so I won't have to argue with staples.
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Old 05-24-03, 07:02 PM
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I've had very poor luck with Maxtor. I've had three different harddrives fail on various computers and all three were Maxtor drives.

I have two Western Digital Harddrives in my old PC that are 6 and 7 years old and both still work fine.

Maybe Maxtor makes great HDs and I've been unlucky, but I will never buy another Maxtor product.
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