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bdshort 05-20-03 12:22 AM

A couple of unrelated monitor questions
1. Are there LCD monitors that have a high enough refresh rate for gaming yet? I know they dont refresh like CRTs do but I don't remember the proper term.

2. Are there some good 16x9 monitors out there for a reasonable price, either CRT or LCD? By reasonable, I mean around $500-$700

X 05-20-03 12:27 AM

It's not really the refresh rate that accounts for poor gaming performance, it's the rise and fall response time of the LCD pixels. I've heard some Hitachi and maybe Samsung monitors are out or coming out with sub 20ms response time. Maybe 15ms. That should help reduce ghosting.

Haven't seen any 16x9 monitors at a decent price. As far as I know, anything under $1000 has been TV oriented and not computer. Perhaps the Sonys have DVI in. I haven't seen any DVI or VGA in on the Sharps.

karnblack 05-20-03 12:50 AM

Dot Pitch: .264mm
Response Time: 16ms
Contrast Ratio: 400:1
Brightness: 260cd/m2
Native Resolution: 1280 x 1024
H/V viewing angle: 160/160 Degrees
Input: Analog 15-pin D-sub & DVI


2. Samsung 17" 172W-SILVER LCD Monitor $569
17" Diagonal Viewable
Viewing Angle : 140/110
Pixel Pitch : 0.289mm
Max. Colors : 16.2 million
Max Resolution : 1280x768
Contrast Ratio : 400:1
Brightness : 450 cd/m2
Input Terminal : 15pin D-sub, DVI-D


Nosmo Rex 05-20-03 01:10 PM

I saw that Samsung monitor on sale at Fry's for $499 last week. I was sorely tempted, but the dot pitch scared me away.

I just got a new Samsung 170MP yesterday, which I love (so far). I have also been using a Dell E171FP flat panel, and have not really noticed any problems while gaming, though I confess I do not have a trained eye in that regard. I thought it look a whole lot better than the Dell CRT I had been using. I'm using an MSI Ti4200 128 video card. Most of my PC gaming has been either Ghost Recon or Ravenshield.

X 05-20-03 01:31 PM

I didn't know about that Samsung widescreen. Pretty nice for movies.

Originally posted by Nosmo Rex
I saw that Samsung monitor on sale at Fry's for $499 last week. I was sorely tempted, but the dot pitch scared me away.
Don't worry about the dot pitch, it's not like a CRT. It is solely a function of the resolution and size of the screen and the number of pixels required to go across the screen. LCD pixels are discrete light-emitting dots, not dots formed by the convergence of electron beams.

The .289mm dot pitch is even finer than the one on my 19" LCD with 1280x1024 resolution. I would not want any finer dots than that myself, but if you do you would buy the monitor by the resolution and the dot pitch would adjust accordingly.

Nosmo Rex 05-20-03 02:14 PM

I never though about it that way, But you're right.
I saw you mentioned the Samsung 150MP in another of your threads. I really like the new 170MP that I just got yesterday. I am a tad disappointed with the TV picture in full screen mode, but that may be an issue with the cable signal. The PIP is very cool. I haven't tried anything with the S-video input as yet. It looks as it could be very easily wall-mountable, since the stand folds up flat. I haven't had a chance to try any real graphics intensive stuuf yet, but I expect it to perform well. I got a pretty good deal through Dell ($547 shipped, and no rebates to worry about).

tmoth 05-21-03 11:39 AM

check out http://www.gamepc.com/labs/index.asp for their lcd reviews, they have some good info (although not a ton) They sold me on the Planar PL191M and I have been extremely impressed with it. Their customer service is second to none also. I went with the 19" for the real estate advantage over the 17" gamer's screen, and although I am not a HUGE gamer, I do my fair share and havent been bothered by the slight ghosting that I do see... my .02

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