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Old 03-30-03, 02:41 PM   #1
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Win 98 Color Setting problem

This is problem my sister is having on an old PC (for the kids) she's running w/Windows 98. I haven't had my hands on the computer at all, and she was trying to describe the problem to me over the phone-- but I haven't used Windows 98 for a while, so I couldn't seem to figure out how to help.

Here's what she did when she went into the control panel to change to "16 bit" setting:

She went to Control panel- Display- Settings- and instead of choosing 16 bit, she chose 16 color as the option, accidentally.

Afterwards, when attempting to run the CD-ROM, the message "must choose 16 bit" came up, so she went back to "settings" in the control panel, but the 16-bit option was gone-- there were no other options besides "16 color," which is what she is mistakenly stuck on.

Again, I haven't used this OS in a while, so the few things I tried to tell her to do didn't seem to work. Any ideas? If anyone has instructions, it would be have to be clear enough for me to tell her over the phone, since I can't actually do anything on it myself.
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Old 03-30-03, 05:18 PM   #2
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Basically, she need to reinstall the video driver. Sounds like she's in VGA mode. Without knowing what kind of computer she has to video card, it's tough to give a specific instruction.
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Old 04-01-03, 09:10 AM   #3
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Yep, what Zuffy said. I got that problem when I wiped a PC clean and did a fresh install of 98. I had to search the net for the video driver. Thing is a few places had it, but Windows wouldn't accept it saying something like 'the driver that's installed is the best dirver for this application'. Which is a very basic video driver.

I lucked up on a msg someone posted on emachine help which lead me to the intel website and downloaded a .exe file which worked like a charm With that I had to 1st burn the file to CD and load it on her PC, because I couldn't install any ISP programs on her PC because...of the 16 color limit...yes frustrating.

Here are a few sites that might help you out:
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