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BenBurnsed 02-17-03 12:25 PM

Best CD Label Maker for Macs? Please Help!
I am making CDs and DVDs these days and wonder if anyone has a CD label kit they would recommend for Macintosh. I have an iMac and would rather have some type of a recommendation, rather than just buy one. Thanks.


milkdog 02-17-03 07:40 PM

I can't recommend it because I've never used it. However, this week Office Max has "CD Stomper Pro" for $15 with a $15 rebate. It's suppose to work with PC's & Mac's, and FREE is always a good price. :)

BenBurnsed 02-19-03 06:31 AM

No Rebate!
Milk Dog.....Just curious, but I went to Office Max and they have no rebate this week for CD Stomper Pro. Where did you get your information, because sadly it is incorrect.

milkdog 02-19-03 09:56 AM

It's correct. I just searched the weekly ad for Leesburg, FL on the Office Max site.


It's on the last page, bottom row, 2nd from left.

Their rebates come up at the cash register. I doubt it'll be posted near the product, though it should say it on the weekly ad posted just inside the door. Just take it to the register.

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