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RoQuEr 02-12-03 12:33 AM

Anyone burn a "show off" dvd?
Not sure what forum to put this in, but since more ppl here are likely to do video editing/DVD burning I put it here.

Anyway I was thinking it would be cool to make a collage of those scenes that we load up when we want to show off the home theatre, and put them all in one DVD, making a series of scenes 30-60 minutes long. What scenes would you use?

All I can think of is:
Matrix - Gun scene
Heat - robbery + escape scene
Phantom menace - final duel w/ cutscenes edited out

What else is good? Is there a easy way to normalize all the tracks, so the volume doesn't jump 15Db when the star wars track plays?

X 02-12-03 12:55 AM

I'm afraid this comes under the "cracking the encryption of copyrighted material" category and I have to close it.

I suggest checking out another forum where this subject is not a disallowed subject.

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