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sfsdfd 02-09-03 09:54 PM

Email server software?
I may be cable-modeming a computer to the Internet. I'd like it to act as an email server for me - fetching mail from a few other accounts, sorting it appropriately, and providing it via Outlook, or less preferably, a web interface.

As a bigger challenge, I'd like to use my notebook computer as a regular email terminal for sending and receiving, but I'd like to synchronize my mail on the two different computers.

Any recommendations?

- David Stein

Dave99 02-09-03 10:07 PM



lxl 02-10-03 01:11 AM


twikoff 02-10-03 08:14 AM


we used bat! when i was in college (to learn on) and it was simple enough

now I use use IIS in windows if i want to play with it

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